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At Gratnells Powder Coating we are able to supply you with a high end painted finish to all metal products.

Powder coating is an effective, durable and affordable process that delivers perfect results. We offer a choice of product finishes, a wide selection of colours and combined with fast turnaround times, we ensure our customers receive the best in quality and service. Powder Coating is used on a diverse range of products. It is commonly used to coat the items such as: railings, garden furniture, doors and windows, automotive parts, industrial machinery and furniture.

Pricing – We aim to supply a competitive quote, if you’re interested please contact the us on the following email: [email protected] and we will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

Lead Time – Along with a competitive price, we aim to provide a prompt turn-around time. Depending on the scale/size of the job, a typical lead time we aim to meet is 3-5 working days; from receipt of order.

How it works

The workpieces are hung onto the automatic conveyor system, where they will undergo an intense chemical cleaning and drying process in order to eliminate any dirt or debris, which can affect the powder coating finish.

The powder is then sprayed using an electrostatic gun or corona gun. The automatic gun will impart a positive electric charge into its powder, this is then directly sprayed towards the workpiece which is grounded via a mechanical or compressed air spraying and then accelerated to the approaching workpiece applying a powerful electrostatic charge.

The workpiece will then undergo a heating process to cure the item, where the powder will melt into a smooth uniform film, where it will then be cooled to ensure a hard resilient coating with a high quality finish.

Key facts

  • Silhouette openings: 700mm Wide and 1145mm high
  • Conveyorised Production Line
  • Coating of all metal types
  • Electrostatic spraying offers low wastage, using volatile organic compounds


  • Shorter lead times, due to quick drying applications
  • A harder, solid, more durable finish than standard painting
  • Environmentally friendly in comparison to the common paint processes
  • Resistant to chemicals, high temperatures and UV light; in comparison to other standard paints

Some examples of our work


If you would like more information on any of our engineering services or a quote please call us on +44 (0) 3330110570, send us a message here or email [email protected]